Transform Yourself From VYAPARI TO CEO

Achieve the Freedom for Which You Actually Started the Business
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Who Am I?

A Business Coach in India on a Mission To Transform Every VYAPARI to CEO!

I am committed to helping you achieve your goals so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. I have helped more than 1,55,000+ business owners across the country to manage their business seamlessly.

Business coach in India & aim to start a revolutionary movement in India helping businesses grow, expand & find their identity in competition to global markets.

Rahul Malodia Business Coach
Founder And CEO at Malodia Business Coaching Pvt. Limited​
Apart from talking, in terms of numbers…

Here’s The Impact I Have Created

Businessmen Trained
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Here’s How Can I Help You?

My 4-hour Webinar that is backed by 10,000+ entrepreneurs and business owners that costs ₹99/-

Learn to take your business to completely new heights irrespective of the industry or market you are in…


Here’s What You Will Learn In My Sessions

By mastering just these 4 aspects of business, you can build a that you need to grow as a CEO rather than managing it everyday sacrificing your life.

Employee Management

Employee Mastery

If you are unable to manage your employees, your business will never grow in long-run. I’ll tell you the exact secrets to retaining your best-performing employees & how to get maximum work done every single day.

Finance Management

Accounts Mastery

If you stay upset and confused by the end of every month while tallying your business profits, you are lacking a accounting model that can help you boost your profits keeping your sales growth constant, which I will share with you.

Sale Management

Sales Mastery

Managing sales is the backbone of any business and if you are not doing it right, your business will get stagnant (or fail in the worst case). But…what is the right sales Mastery? That’s what I tell in my sessions.

Mindset 01

Mindset Mastery

The one and the only thing that can alone help you to generate the growth you have dreamed of is your mindset. You need to shift to a real entrepreneurial mindset and transform yourself from a VYAPARI to CEO!

Results I Have Created




5.56 M


4.8 M


1.2 M


10 K


9.9 K


124.4 K

Tune Into The

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To Learn More About Passion, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Speaking, Money, and More!

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Rahul Malodia has been shaping businesses for 5+ years and, to date, has delivered heightened success to 25000+ business owners.

Business coaches offer various valuable services, including assistance in clarifying goals, developing skills and strategies, providing guidance and holding accountability. With an objective perspective, feedback,  strategic and far-fetched thinking, a business coach provides tools and techniques that help your business reach new heights, and increase its visibility amongst competitors and in global markets.

A business coach is a trained professional who works with entrepreneurs or business owners, helping them streamline their business and aligns all the working and resources to achieve their goals. Since they are have received an expert training in the field, they enhance individual’s knowledge on necessary tools, provides guidance and offers an objective perspective, while challenging their clients to think strategically and critically about their firms.

If your business is struggling with leads, profit generation and expansion, a business coach can help. Their expertise, guidance, support, accountability, skills and strategies helps build leadership skills, improve mindset and create business strategies for long-term success.

Whether you’re planning to start a business or working to take it to the next level, a business coach will help you in the achieving the goals. His skills, insights and tactics will help business owners with a blueprint to success, assuring financial, personal and professional growth.

In order to choose a best business coach for your company, owners need to consider their expectations and goals, look for coach’s experience, expertise, credentials, references, reviews, availability and pricing to lock a transparent yet profitable deal.

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